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User Guide

Installation and Setup

Follow these quick and easy steps to be up and running with AltoQ Exchange...


Install from the Shopify App store

Click here to visit the app store


Enable gift cards

This is done from your store admin:

This step is unecessary if you already sell gift cards on your online store. 

Note the gift card product used by AltoQ is a separate gift card product to the one you sell to customers on your online store. The AltoQ managed gift card is not visible on any of your sales channels. 


Customise the gift card images

a) The gift card image used in the order confirmation can be updated with your custom image in the Gift Card Product settings STORE ADMIN>PRODUCTS>GIFT CARDS>MANAGE GIFT CARDS.  Like any other product in your store, simply upload an image to the media section of the product information.

b) The gift card image used when sending the gift card code to the customer can also be customised.  See this Shopify support note.


Exchange for products of a lesser value:
In this case a new Order is created with and marked as paid (you can un-tick 'Mark the order as paid' if you haven't yet receieved the returned goods).

The calculated refund will be the value of the returned products (plus any refund for shipping) minus the value of the replacement products (plus shipping, minus any discounts you may choose to apply)

Exchange for products of a greater value:
In this case a Draft Order is created for the replacement products, which you use to issue an invoice to the customer. A Gift Card is also created and issued to the customer. The value attached to the gift card is the value of the returned products. The gift card can be sent immediately, or, if you haven't receieved the returned products yet, you can un-tick the 'Send the gift card immediately' option.

AltoQ Exchange supports multi-currency orders, with these limitations:

  1. The refund of the orginal order is prepared in the customer's currency

  2. A refund for shipping cannot be provided directly. To refund any shipping amount, override the "Amount to refund to payment method" value

  3. The order(s) for the replacements products must be prepared in your shop's currency (Shopify limitation)

  4. The "Value of replacements" amount, which is an input to the calculated refund is prepared using the conversion rate and fees applied at the time of the original purchase. There is no attempt made to calculate this using the current exchange rate.

Yes, just click Uninstall from within Apps in your Shopify admin and all AltoQ files will be removed from your store theme. You will not lose AltoQ order notes that have been recorded in customer orders.

Of course we hope it doesn't come to this so please contact us if you have any problems using the app or have product feedback. We are determined to make this an easy, time saving app for Store owners.

In line with Shopify billing practice, no refunds are provided for apps which are uninstalled prior to the end of the current billing period.

Gift Card FAQ

By default, AltoQ does not set an expiry for Gift Cards. You can manually set an expiry date for any of the the Gift Cards issued by AltoQ Exchange.

AltoQ Exchange is built to work with Shopify gift cards. If Shopify removes gift cards from your current plan and you don't wish to upgrade, all issued gift cards will be able to be redeemed on your online store without AltoQ Exchange installed or a gift card enabled Shopify plan.

Whilst AltoQ Exchange uses gift cards to facilitate all exchanges, the customer will only receive a gift card code when:

a) the value of the exchanged products is greater than the value of returned goods. In this case, the customer will need to apply the gift card code as payment towards the new draft invoice for replacement products.

b) products are being returned and a gift card is issued in lieu of a cash refund

User Guide

We've created a series of instructional videos to help you get started